About Kastell

Welcome to my site, my forum, my “soap box” in Hyde Park. Here you will find my photos and my writings, the disciplines I have been cultivating for many years. I am Wladimir Schweigert. I was born in South America, studied in Europe and now, for the past three decades, I am claiming my citizenship in Canada. Kastell photography & writing is my creation to share my personal way of grasping “what is” – of my comprehension of life in its myriad manifestations. (The incidentals of design I left to specialists).

I am proficient in German and Spanish (was decisively so a few years ago!) but I have now to resort to English to enunciate my innermost, recondite thoughts whose subtleties fail to find expression in the other languages. If you speak one, or both these idioms, you will appreciate the expressive powers of German and the exquisite musicality of Spanish, particularly that spoken in the Rio De La Plata basin where my Spanish ear belongs. English has become my home though. It is an instrument with its own set of strengths and weaknesses whose extolled manifestations in prose – achieved by the more accomplished of its practitioners – I can only hope to approximate.

The same must be said for photography. I am striving for individuality and voice, a character, but cannot fully escape the lure of those photographers who delight me and of those who unsettle me at times. Knowledge and inspiration though, cut through various disciplines and cultures. In style and in content, some photographers (and many authors) feel like kindred spirits; others are mere acquaintances, though worthy of emulation. Many literary works I have studied and a good number of photographs I have held close to my eyes, but numerous others remain on the shelf, particularly the classics in literature. It was the Teutonic scribbler Walter Kröber who said one has to have the courage not to have read the classics. Too many remain on the shelf, I confess. But I have courage!

In literature my foremost affinity is with the aphorism and the personal essay, two veins of water percolating from the same spring of creativity, one a mere sprightly brook, the other filling into a widening stream of delights and surprises. In the relative restrictive medium of photography I find it immensely gratifying to work in monochrome – or black and white as it is commonly known.

I hope you enjoy your stay and you visit frequently because this site will grow with the material I have been gathering and developing over what appears to be a long time. It will see new material being introduced, my hope is with a steadily quickening frequency.

For clarification

Some photographs may be purchased. Contact me for pricing and details.

A means analog, D digital. The format in brackets (A/D/D) will mean that the photograph has an analog capture (traditional film), a digital manipulation and a digital output. (A/A) is to say a straight silver film capture and a gelatin silver print and so forth. Some of the written material may have been published earlier in other media, some other might be placed in other sources of communication at a future date.

Move the pointer to the photograph you want to view, click once on the title and it will open with information. Click again on the image and it will open to a larger size. Move the pointer to the title of the article, click once and it will open for reading.

About “blog.” You will find here my daily, weekly or more infrequent comments and rants about news items or other irritants and novelties. For my Spanish readers there is the “blog en castellano.” 

I would like to remind you that all content is my intellectual property except that in “quotable.” You may use excerpts of my written material with reference to its source here. The images posted are low resolution and are for your viewing pleasure on this site only.

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