Humor in a lexicon, or not!

I must let the world know I am becoming a lexicographer. Perusing my Roget’s thesaurus (was looking for something other than “panting,”) I stopped at “persuade.” Going down the list of alternatives was prevail on, admonish, convert, influence etc. Then a flash of inspiration, a chuckle, laughter… loud laughter. I thought you ought to have “to jihad” here. I came to coin the verb “to jihad,” I thought. “I am a lexicographer, yippee!”

Then I was saddened, ashamed and felt guilt! So many poor innocents being slaughtered by young Muslim converts from  the West. What ignorance, what stupidity, incomprehensible idiocy!

My “yippee” turned into WTF! Lexicography is a bust!

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