The Luxury of Leisure.

If you are one of those who rarely visits my site, you may not have noticed the paucity of my postings. If you come here with more frequency, you will have pondered about the infrequency of uploads! Luxury of not depending on an income from writing and or photography. Made my living with something other than this vocation for many years. Was at one time a communicator, a pastor. That did not work out. Merits an explanation, but not right now!

Will post things as they come along, a few too many loose ends to bring together, some renovation work to be done in the house and a lot of organizing and working on old files. Printing needs to be started. Have sitting here an Epson 3000 and did all of one test print!

Stay tuned. In the meantime enjoy what comes along.


PS: Did you see the wisteria shot in Forsyth Park?

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