A Counter-cultural Thing.

Went to church today, yep… hard to believe he? What’s such an unsavory character like me doing in a church’s pew? The pastor spoke about the so-called “beatitudes.” Today he made emphasis on this thing named “meek.” Yuck, not my style… These (beatitudes) are from the beginning of the the Sermon of the Mount. Now… if you want something counter-cultural, read those words spoken long ago. You will find them in St. Matthew 5.


The pastor tried valiantly to put a positive spin on this, but I think, these words just do bore into your flesh and sting. They are meant to! So suck it up Nancy! Not all the revolutionaries of the world past and present nor all the passionate types nor all the creatives characters in all the worlds combined (it’s an “inflationary” one, remember!) could come up with such a thing!


Ah… to be gentle!




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