(1) A “contrarian” friend

“Science… that increasing mass of drivel.”

Tell who said it and I’ll buy you a “hota cup of java.”

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8 comments on “(1) A “contrarian” friend

  1. Matias on said:

    Im pretty sure it was Einstien himself ;)

  2. It was Kierkegaard!

  3. che que bo on said:

    I don’t see the contest is over!!
    So Kiekegaard

  4. I googled it!

    • Wladimir on said:

      Ah… the wonders of technology. Earlier you would have to go to the library, rummage through lots of pertinent books, make phone calls, ask questions… but you got the answer and now you’ve come into contact with one smart dude of the mid 19th century. While Ludwig Feuerbach published a scathing critique of Christianity, he (Soren) came out to its defense y a masterful fashion.
      Like your “Neat” logo, comes out a little too bright on my screen!

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